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Cressi SL Star Spear Gun



The SL range of pneumatic spear guns has been in production for many years, and they have won worldwide renowned for their excellence in reliability, precision, power and of being robust. Constantly updated over the years, the SL spear guns are ultra-light, easy to use, and fire quickly. The SL Star comes with an anatomical high grip handle that enabling the gun to be held in line with the arm effortlessly. The bright yellow handle allows you quick and easy identification of the gun even if it ends up on the sea-floor after shooting. A strong line attachment eyelet on the handle allows attachment of a lanyard and aids in shaft loading. The SL guns are fitted with a safety catch to prevent accidental firing and, when the trigger is pulled the line release automatically releases the shaft line.

The SL spear guns come with an 8mm (0.31″) threaded stainless steel tempered shaft. The shaft threads are 7mm and will fit the following Cressi spear tips: Mini Spear Head (see SKU: CSBMSH), Mach Spear Head (see SKU: CSBSHM) and any other 7mm threaded spear tips. The SL Star spear guns models come in three lengths: SL 40 which is 15.75 “(40cm) in length, SL 55 which is 21.5″ (55cm) in length, and the SL 70 measuring 27.5″ (70cm) in length. The guns have a 13mm (0.5”) internal barrel. The legendary Cressi handle provides an angle between the barrel and handle and determines the winning ergonomics of Cressi pneumatic spear guns. The Cressi SL Star Spear Gun comes with a gun pump, shaft loader and owner’s manual.


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