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Blue Reef Snorkeling Vest



Getting ready to go on a tropical vacation to Saint Somewhere or maybe the Florida Keys? Would be nice, wherever it is if there is warm water you’ve got to go snorkeling! Enjoying snorkeling includes be comfortable and safe when in the water. Using a snorkeling vest increases safety and comfort. The bright orange or yellow colors allows watercraft operators to recognize that people are in the surrounding water and to keep clear, it also allows people to see you easily for pick up by your own watercraft.

More importantly you remain comfortable when enjoying the wonders of the reef. The snorkeler can orally inflate and deflate the volume of air in the vest to their requirements. Add just a little air to use it as a “pillow” under your chest to help hold your head and snorkel above water. Fully inflate in stressful situations to relax and rest. Deflate by yourself to return to surface diving activities. Fits comfortably over the snorkelers head and secures firmly to the body with two adjustable straps. The straps come equipped with squeeze-style” side-release plastic buckles for easy donning and doffing. Vest is made from a durable fabric with a internal urethane laminate and radio frequency (RF) welded seams.


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